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Pris IP Manager

Who is it for?

Pris IP Manager is made to trademark and patents portfolio managers who are having problems to manage costs and deadlines of theirs IP assents in Brazil and abroad. Pris IP Manager enables deadlines monitor, IP magazines updates, budget projections and indicators survey. All in a simple, integrated and online way.

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It’s the best way to easily manage your Intellectual Property assets, with automated processes and strategic visibility. Pris IP Manager is cloud-based and has many features to support strategic and operational management of trademarks and patents.

What is our purpose?

To transform companies’ Intellectual Property assets into sources of value, automatizing operational tasks and simplifying strategical/financial decision making.

How Pris IP Manager improves the manager
of your IP assets?

Support features for Operational Management

IP Magazine reading

The software automatically gathers information about IP processes updates from the Intellectual Property Magazine and notify you if any subscribed processed has been mentioned. It’s possible to follow processes from its’ official code, from flexible technology monitoring filters or based on trademark similarity.

Avoid risks e stop wasting time manually following your processes

Full control of official deadlines and important dates

The software automatically follows the official deadlines from over 50 countries. The upcoming events can be followed by the system’s calendar and by e-mail notifications. Besides official deadlines, it’s possible to add new personalized events and dates for each process.

Have the full control of your international processes

Future costs projection

Based on official deadlines and fees from different countries, the software projects the future costs of your processes, from deposit to expiration date. It’s also possible to register attorney costs for a better projection.

Improve your expenses forecast and have a more reliable budget.

Control of demands

The control of demands can be entirely made from the software, based on reminders sent by e-mail when a deadline is nearby. Besides the possibility to add on going demands, it’s also possible to retrieve the historical data from all concluded demands.

Have a better and more efficient control of received demands and avoid missing deadlines.

Charts and reports generation

It’s possible to generate personalized charts and reports based on dynamic variables, following the best Business Intelligence practices.

Make your management more visual and simplify the generation of charts and reports.

Integration with attorney offices and agents

The software allows the creation of multiple types of access profiles, restricting the access to features and information based on the profile permissions.

Centralize the activities of your team and third-party agents, all in a single place.

Store documents and e-mails

The software can be used as a document repository. The files related to families, patents and IP assets are grouped by document type, simplifying the search process. The software also automatically stores e-mails related to your processes.

Centralize all IP management documents in a single place.

Incurred costs management

All costs related to your processes can be stored within the system. They are divided by their type (annuity, demands, concession fees, etc.) and by their source (official fees, office fees, correspondents).

It’s also possible to generate charts by cost type, source, technology area, among other information.

Improve the control and visibility of your management costs.

Support features for Strategical Management

Support on IP assets valuation

The software supports the decision-making process about maintenance, licensing or renouncement of trademarks and patents based on a methodology developed by Pris and applied in over 10 IP portfolios. The method is “collaborative” and is applied based on electronic formularies sent to people who’ll support the decision process.

Have a clear strategic direction for each one of your IP assets.

Evaluation of patents for periodic portfolio review

The software guides the user in the definition of the best valuation approach for a specific situation, taking into account variables like asset type, valuation goals, technological and marketing risks, etc.

Gain more independence when choosing the approaches to be used on valuation situations.

Patentability analysis

The software supports companies’ decision-making about the protection strategies of an invention based on a methodology developed by Pris. The method is “collaborative” and is applied based on electronic formularies sent to people who’ll support the decision-making process.

Clarify the goals and the best approach to protect your institution’s inventions.

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