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Identifying issues, seeking answers and deliverying solutions. This is our mantra.

Why Pris?

Pris, a Danish name whose translation means prize or price. Price or pretius in Latin is a reward, a value generated. This is how we breathe our brand and work. The prize is the conquest of those who dedicate themselves to an issue. The prize is for those who accept the challenge, it is for those who overcome the challenges. The prize is the collective effort of analysis and deep dedication to solving problems.

Pris is a company focused on solving the customers challenges, obsessed with rewarding them with a good answer.

Equipe Pris

What do we believe?

We believe in horizontal, independent, agile and involved management. Thus we create autonomy and harmony in our workplace. This is reflected in our deliveries, where in a unique way, we are able to add these values ​​to our projects. We work in a balanced way respecting the differences of each reality.

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