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Intellectual Property

We provide our IP management/valuating methodologies and software to help companies transforming their brands and patents into valuable assets.

Short-Term Incentives

We simplify STI management processes, including goals/ bonus definition, revision and calculation.

Long-term Incentives

We simplify share based and option based compensation plans management, accounting and communication.

Finance and Tributes

We help companies in financial analysis with advanced methodologies and our software of tax documents processing.

On-demand projects

We were born from a research lab, therefore, we love to develop personalized solutions for your challenges.

Specialized Courses

We love to teach about everything we do. It can be on open classes or on-demand courses.

Payroll projection

We help public and mixed-capital companies to improve their budget planning with our methodologies and tools of Payroll Projection.

Domains management and monitoring

We help companies to monitor and protect their trademarks online, besides doing a complete management of their domains.

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